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It is with great sadness that I have to let everyone know that we had to say Good-Bye to sweet Bimka.   Up until last week, he was doing wonderfully.  His favorite activity was eating and going outside.  His Foster Family, Sue and Keith Solomon have pampered him royally as they do all of our pups.  Whatever Bimka wanted to eat, he got.   Sue made all his meals special just for him.  Bimka knew he had them wrapped around his big toe.   When our dear boy didn't want to eat and appeared to be in pain, he was immediately taken to our vets at Dutch Fork Animal Hospital.   We changed his meds, but it did not help.  Each day he got progressively worse.  His final day, he quit eating and did not want to go out at all.  As hard as it was to say good-bye, we knew it was time to end his suffering.   Up until this point, Bimka was happy and loving his new brothers and sisters.  He was surrounded by dogs, cats, and even Grand-Kids and loved each one.  Bimka was finally home, and he loved his Family as much as they loved him.   His final months were great.   We will miss our dear boy but are so glad we stepped up for him.  He knew unconditional love and was surrounded by people that adored him.  


Thanks for caring and being part of his amazing Journey.   When you look up at the sky tonight, look for the brightest star and say a prayer for Bimka.   He is finally free of his massive tumor and comparing tumor size with Bubbles.   Bimka will forever be a part of the Noah's Arks Rescue Family.   He is now our Angel in the Sky that has crossed over the Rainbow Bridge.  

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