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BLANCHE (Poodle)

Latest Updates

I am happy to report that sweet Blanche is still with us and fighting.  If anything, they are now referring to her as Saucy, which I am taking as she is a little Spitfire that is over a hundred in Human Years. Blanche's blood did not regenerate as we had hoped, so we had to give her a significant transfusion.We are now seeing the benefits of that in her entire personality has changed.  Saucy is what all of the ICU Techs said when I asked how she was doing.


Blanche is not going to heal over-nite. She has months of healing ahead, but for now, we feel the worst is almost over.  Her electrolyte and blood values are letting us know that she still needs to be on IV Fluids and we have to continue doing lots of small feedings.  She is still in danger of having Re-Feeding Syndrome which we are doing everything possible to prevent.


Our dear pups eyes are improving but still have a long recovery time ahead.  Blanche will be seeing Dr. Anne Cook, our Eye Specialists once she is out of ICU.   Part of her personality comes from the fact she can hear people all around but cannot see well enough to decide who they are.  Each day we see improvement in her ability to see us better.  Soothing voices calm her down.  CVRC is excellent at nurturing all of our pups and showing them unconditional LOVE.  We are very fortunate to have such an incredible ER Facility in the Lowcountry.


Blanche's bills are adding up.  Any Donation is greatly appreciated for this special older Gal that was discarded like Trash.

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