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BLANCHE (Poodle)

Latest Updates

Beautiful BLANCHE has crossed over the Rainbow Bridge. This sweet pup had so little going for her when we rescued her and taught us so much about never giving up. Life without Love is no Life at all even for animals. The ones that have been tortured and abused the most will always hold out the longest when there is no hope of survival.  


Hurricane Florence created havoc all over North and South Carolina. We did not know from one day to the next if we were going to be hit by the storm or spared.  We made provisions for our dogs all over.   Some dogs had to be placed in hospitals to assure they were not without Medical Care.  Others, we got out to ensure they had unconditional love and nurturing when they needed it most.  The latter is what dear Blanche needed.   


CVS released her saying there was nothing else they could do with the Hurricane moving in. One of our Adopters called to see if there was a pup that needed to be evacuated and taken to a safe place until the storm passed.  We immediately thought this would be best for dear Blanche.  Medical Care was not going to get her better.   Unconditional Love and Support was what she needed now.


Our dear friends took over the Care of Blanche until the Hurricane had passed through the area.   Blanche was eating, drinking and taking her meds with only a little bit of resistance.  She was still not walking but was very content being loved 24 / 7.  All of her needs were met, and if they had any concerns, they would give me a call or text.  The first couple of days, they were very anxious and then got into a rhythm with Blanche and what each moan meant.  


Several times, they were not sure if she was suffering or moaning with pleasure.  I assured them, they would know when it was time.  Take care of her immediate needs and surround her with Love.  By the fourth day, Blanche had relaxed into a state that was so peaceful they thought she had passed.  Blanche was so full of Love that she could finally let go. There was no struggling or fighting to be here.  She had found the Love she had always wanted and was at Peace.   


Blanche was taken to the ER to make sure she did not suffer and passed Peacefully in the arms of her Foster Family.  Life works in very mysterious ways.  If Hurricane Florence had not been coming to visit, Blanche would have passed in our arms.   Instead, an Angel stepped up and asked to take her to safety, and I knew that would be what was best for Blanche.  She was showered with so much love, that a Lifetime of pain and sorrow was washed away.  


All we want for our Abused Animals is not to suffer and to pass knowing unconditional Love. Blanche got both of those and the two precious women that loved her found a place in their hearts they never knew existed.  Love wins whenever it is unconditional.


Beautiful Blanche has her Golden Angel Wings. She will forever be part of the Noah's Arks Rescue Family. Tonight when you look up into the Night Sky, look for the area that is glowing the brightest.  That will be dear Blanche sitting on a cloud with a full head of Poodle Hair that is glowing.  I would have given anything to have seen her in her youth.  I am sure she was a sight to behold.


Thanks for helping us with dear Blanche.  Your Love and Support is greatly appreciated.

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