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BUCK (Rat Terrier)

Latest Updates

I am happy to report that dear Buck did fabulous for his procedure.  His eyes were a lot more complicated than the Surgeon initially thought.  Once the original procedure was done to move his salivary glands to moisten his eyes, it was discovered his lower lids on both eyes were inverted, which added to his irritation.


Once it was discovered Buck's lower lids were entropian, she proceeded to do surgery on both of the eyes to correct the condition.   Buck has been a complicated case from the beginning.   His eyes have been a source of concern since the day we rescued him.  As you can see from the picture, Buck does not have a lot of teeth, so when he nails you with his little daggers called teeth, they puncture your skin immediately with big holes.  Our little Land Shard is sweet as can be as long as you are not dealing with his eyes.   The fangs come out when you have to treat the eyes.


The good news is we only have one more week of meds, and then we can take the oven mittens off, and Buck should go back to being a sweet loving pup.  The longer he goes without us fooling with his eyes, the happier he becomes.  Eventually, he will forget how much he suffered and will rejoice in his new found sight and the fact his eyes will no longer be a source of discomfort.


His eyes immediately began to produce enough saliva that he was able to open his eyes without squinting.   As you can see, his eyes are pretty bright and moist.  Each week his eyes will improve, and his sight will become more evident.   The Surgeon has Buck on a special diet in addition to his regular food that will help him produce more saliva than normal.  So far, it has been working.


After a month of making sure Buck does not have a complication from the procedure, he will be up for adoption.  Don't let the pics fool you into thinking Buck is not sweet.  He is a fabulous dog that we each love and adore.  He gets along great with other dogs and is socially active during playtime with 12 other pups of all sizes and ages.  He is perfect in every way in our eyes.  Please, apply if you think he would be right for your family.


We are so low on funds with the Coronavirus that we cannot pay the bills we have coming in.  We desperately need for anyone that can donate to please do so.   I have been supplementing to make sure we keep the doors open until this crisis passes.


If you cannot Donate, then shop at Fetch Mkt, where 100% of the profits go toward saving the dogs at Noah's Arks Rescue. I am in the Store from 12 - 4 Tuesday - Saturday.  We have strict guidelines for anyone that enters the store.  You MUST sanitize your hands with a unique solution we have and also wash in our beautiful Soap Bar area.  The store is sanitized daily.   I am very strict about people adhering to the guidelines.  We prefer people shopping online.  Each package is a way for us to create an enjoyable experience for you when you open your packages.  I know you will be pleasantly surprised.


Thanks for caring about Buck and all of our Abused Animals at Noah's Arks Rescue.  Love and Support are needed more now than ever.

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