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BUCK (Rat Terrier)

Latest Updates

I am happy to report that Buck's eyes are producing so much fluid that he no longer has to have drops put in daily.  The surgery was a tremendous success physically and emotionally for this sweet pup.  He is back being our sweet, tiny boy without worrying about the next time we have to put drops in his eyes.   Everyone dreaded the process (including Buck), which we had to do three times a day to make sure, some of the ointment ended up in his eyes.


Buck no longer has dry eyes.  His eyes are consistently moist from the salivary glands that were routed to his eyes to moisten them.   We initially thought we would have to give him certain foods to produce excess saliva, but that has not been necessary.   His eyes are beautiful and glistening all the time now.   


I struggled for almost two months with what to do about Buck's eyes since they were not improving. We were doing everything the eye Specialist recommended.  Unfortunately, it was not working for Buck or us. His eyes were not improving, and his disposition was terrible from all the stress.  Dr. Cook thought he was too old to do the procedure and thought it was a lot of money for something that may not work.   


I saw how unhappy our dear boy was and also how much Life he had in him.  I could not allow him to suffer any longer, and the only other option was to remove his eyes. A Surgeon sees a dog once or twice and then looks at all the facts to make the best possible decision.   We work and interact with the dogs daily.  We are their voice and have to do everything possible to convey our findings from day to day interaction.  


Each dog is unique and does not fit in a one size fits all box.  I am so glad  Dr. Cook was supportive of my decision so that we could get Buck this eye-saving surgery.    Each day, his eyes get brighter and clearer.  It will take months for a lot of the scarring to heal, but the worst is over for this sweet boy.   Now, we have to find him the perfect home where he can live out the rest of his Life surrounded by people that will love and adore him the way we do.


Buck loves everyone and is happy with all dogs.  He still has some limited vision, but that is improving daily.   He is an older dog that wants nothing more than to lay around, go for walks and curl up in your lap.  He loves the interaction of humans.   When you call his name, his entire face lights up as if to say, pick me, pick me.   The good news is that until the right family comes along, we pick him daily to love on with all of our other pups.   We choose them ALL to love and adore.


Donations have all but bottomed out, and we still have daily bills we have to pay to keep staff working and take care of the 32 dogs we have in our care.  Buck's bills are still outstanding, along with several others.  Please, donate whatever you can during this difficult time.  If you can't Donate but need something special from our Gift Store, shop at Fetch Mkt. where 100% of the profits go toward the dogs at Noah's Arks Rescue.


We will get through this terrible time and will be stronger, wiser, and more caring for having survived it.  We are always here for you.  Warm hugs and much love from everyone at Noah's Arks Rescue.

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