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ORLANDO, FLORIDA......Camilla is a sweet, sweet eight-year-old Pitbull Mix that was picked up by Orange County Animal Control as a stray wandering around.   As you can see from the photos, she has a large tumor above her nose and between her eyes.   She is also very thin, and anemic which we suspect is from the tumor getting all of her nutrients for it to survive and grow.


We immediately stepped up and said we would take her into our Medical Program so she would have the best possible chance at fighting whatever is going on in her system.   At the time, we did not know if this was a tumor,  swelling from a foreign body or a bite of some kind.    We contacted all of our Specialists and let them know we had this sweet girl coming and to prepare for her arrival.   Most of Camilla's bloodwork and urinalysis came back pretty normal.


We knew why she was anemic, so that did not bother us.   We waited a couple of days before doing any biopsies to make sure she was stable and happy in her new surroundings.  We did x-rays and discovered it was a soft tissue mass that had not invaded her sinus area.  There was no bone involved which excited us.   A biopsy was done and sent off.   We then did scans of her lungs to see if the cancer had metastasized.   More good news.  She had a few very tiny places that were suspect, but not conclusive.   We were so excited that we could hardly contain ourselves.    Her biopsy finally came back that she has an STS (Small Tissue Sarcoma).  The STS is a grade 2 tumor with no clear demarcated margins that is of Peripheral Nerve Sheath origin.   We decided to do a scan all over her body to make sure we were not missing something before we proceeded.   Camilla is a happy, sweet girl that let us know early on that she was up for the task of living.


We did the scans and were shocked at what we found.   Our sweet girl has a small mass on her bladder and a small mass on her liver.   She has three totally unrelated cancers.   She is not clinical for any of the tumors she has at this time.   She is sweet, happy and just wants to play and be loved on.   The mass on her bladder we are pretty certain is going to be a TCC (Transitional Cell Carcinoma).  The biopsy has not come back yet.  We are not planning on doing a biopsy on her liver but suspect it is an HCC (Hepatocellular Carcinoma).   We have spoken to some of the best Cancer Specialists in the World.  This past week we have been getting everyone on the same page so we can save this wonderful dog.    The most lethal tumor she has that WILL kill her is her Bladder Tumor.   The others are very slow growing and will take a long time to do their damage.   The one we have to act on is the TCC.


Our first plan of action is to start Camilla on Chemotherapy to see if it shrinks her bladder tumor.   If the chemo does not work, we will then do Radiation Therapy to see if that alters the tumor.   Based on the results, we will then decide our next step.    Camilla's case is very complicated and has a lot of variables.   We are taking it one step at a time.  Her mass on her face will not be addressed unless we get the results we need on her bladder tumor.


Quality of Life is our number one priority.   We are not going to move onto number 2 or 3 until we see results with her most deadly cancer.   We have already spent large sums of money to get the information we needed.  To remove a tumor on her face only to find out later she was dying from bladder cancer would have been tragic.    We need all the funds we can raise to get our sweet girl the best possible care for her to survive this.  She is strong and healthy and is showing NO signs clinically of what is brewing in her body.  We would like to keep it that way.  Please, DONATE as much or as little as you can.  If you can't donate, say a prayer and share with all your friends.   This girl is with us for a reason.   We are not going to turn our backs on her.  We will see her through this every step of the way and be there to shower her with love and kisses.

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