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Our sweet girl is certainly enjoying all of the special attention and loving that she is getting.   We have consulted with the best Surgeons, Oncologists and Radiologists in Veterinary Medicine to come up with the best plan for this wonderful dog.   We have to change our focus to go back to the tumor Camilla has.  Over the last week, we have been watching the tumor and have noticed that it is growing.  At first we thought we imagined this but after comparing pictures we now realize it has changed shape and size.  Because of this change, we will be doing Radiation on the tumor beginning this Monday.   Our intention is not to destroy the tumor but to knock it back.   It will give us time to address the bladder tumor Camilla has that is the most dangerous at the moment.   The tumor is too big to remove where it is at this time.  It is impossible to get clean margins, and therefore too much of the cancer would be left to grow and expand after surgery.   Our only chance is to Radiate and hope to stop the progression.  A stable tumor is a good tumor.   We are doing two weeks of palliative radiation to stop the progression of the tumor.   We are also beginning chemotherapy for her bladder tumor today since that seems to be her most lethal cancer.


Since Camilla is not clinical and is in great Spirits, we all feel very positive about this plan.   All of our rescues are closely monitored for any signs of distress.   Our top concern is their Quality of Life.  We do not compromise on that.   The Radiation Dept. at Carolina Veterinary Specialist in Matthews, NC is run by wonderful Dr. Philip Treuil and his incredible Staff that love and pamper all of our dogs.  Dr. Treuil's main goal with any animal is Quality of Life.   No treatment is worth doing if a dog cannot be a dog after the treatment.   He is the only Radiologist I let work on my personal dogs for that reason.


It seems like saving animals brings out the best and the worst in people.  For the most part, the people that follow Noah's Arks rescue are like minded people.  They believe in doing whatever it takes to save an animal as long as the Quality of Life is there.  The other side of the coin are the people that would rather rant and send long e-mails about why we shouldn't help an animal.   I am happy to say there are a lot more good-hearted people like us than the other.   We respect everyone's opinion.   We take in abused animals to give them the best possible Life given where they are at that moment and what they have been through.  Camilla is one of those Special Pups that deserves to get her chance at a better Life.   We are NOT going to put to sleep an animal that is not suffering, just because they have cancer.   Camilla has three cancers, and we are still not going to put her down.   She is a wonderful happy girl that loves Life.   We are going to do for her exactly what we do for all of our animals, give her the best Life possible.  We know we can't rid her body of the cancer.  What we can do is slow the cancer down so she can live a longer Life surrounded by unconditional Love and be happy.   We will know when he day comes, and it is not anytime soon.   Until that day comes, we are going to do our best because she deserves nothing less.


We so appreciate all the support we get for all of our animals.   Please, help us do for Camilla what we do for all of them.   We give them back their Life and give them Hope surrounded by people that love and adore them.   Don't count them out before they have been given their chance.  Camilla's bills are extremely high because of all the tests and the treatments she will have to go through to keep her safe and comfortable.   If you don't donate, I will cover her expenses to make sure she still gets the same care all the other animals get.   It just means I will not have the funds to help other animals that I do not post.  Camilla is a wonderful dog that is so full of Life.  She doesn't know that she has cancer.  She could care less about the tumor on her face.   Treatment is her shot at living a longer Life.  If we don't try, then we know what the outcome will be.  She will die and suffer.  Thanks for caring and being part of her Journey to Survive and Thrive.  We greatly appreciate the support you give us and our animals.

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