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COBY (Lab Mix)

Latest Updates

Lord, Lord, Lord, this has been a rough four months.  I think everyone is exhausted from dealing with all of the dog issues we have had, plus all the dogs being abandoned.   Between Covid-19 and the Riots, everyone in this Country is worn down to a frazzle.   We are doing everything we can to stay focused on the pups in our care without losing sight of our Mission.


The good news is, Coby's surgery went well, and his body is draining off the infection and fluid pocket he had developed.  Once Coby was in surgery, both sides had to be repaired or redone.   The right side had a partial opening that was pretty straight forward to fix.  The left side was a mess.  He had developed a large seroma below the surface that was filled with infected fluid.  The area had to be surgically flushed out and drains put in before he was sewn up.  


He is closely monitored in ICU to make sure the drains are working correctly, and his pain is under control.   It took two days to get his pain under control, and he is finally comfortable.  He will get up, with assistance, and go for very short walks in the hospital.  Coby's injuries were horrific for any dog to go through.  The repairs have been done, and now we have to take baby steps to get him better.  


Coby will have to stay in the hospital for as long as the drains are in and producing fluid. Once they are removed, and the area is not forming a fluid pocket, he can return to us at NAR.  The bills are going up, up, up, and finances are going down, down, down. There is nothing we can do about this, but hope the drains come out sooner rather than later. Our concern is on Coby and what is best for him.   Any Donation would be greatly appreciated.  We are doing everything in our power to give him the best outcome, but we need your help.


The numbers for Cov-19 are higher than they have ever been in South Carolina and the surrounding states.  We cannot open Fetch Mkt. to the public but are filling online orders.  If you cannot donate but need to do some shopping, please, check out our web site at www.Fetch-Mkt.com.  Thanks for caring and helping us with Coby and all our other abused pups.  Warm hugs from Noah's Arks Rescue.

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