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DUSTY (Maltipoo)

Latest Updates

Our sweet tiny Dusty is doing so much better.  His kidney and blood values have improved, but unfortunately, his bilirubin and a few other areas are still very elevated.  Under normal circumstances, the values we see on Dusty's tests would create quite an alarm because of how high they are.  Because Dusty's prognosis was so guarded when he arrived, the values we see now are a big improvement. 


Our sweet boy is still in the hospital and has been transferred from our ER Vet in Charleston, SC to our Specialists in Charlotte, NC where we have a potential Adopter when he can leave the hospital. Dusty has a long list of medications he has to remain on along with fluids until his blood levels normalize.  Keeping him hydrated is everyone's top priority.  If he becomes dehydrated, his values will start going up, and that would bring on a horrible attack of pancreatitis.  


Looking at Dusty now, you would never know he was on Death's Door two weeks ago.  The fact we have gotten him to the point where he is stable and happy is a Miracle.   We want to keep him that way which is why he is still in the hospital.  Dusty urine is not as bright yellow as it was but he is still jaundiced.


Dusty has a damaged leg with a horrible break that is an old wound.  Dr. Michelle Nanfelt is wrestling with what would be the best thing for Dusty. The leg has an excess of scar tissue, and the break does not appear to be reforming.  Those two issues are not a good formula for new bone formation.  Dusty has to first be stable with his blood values before we can do any surgery.  During that time, the Specialists will get together and decide if repairing the leg is possible.  If the leg does not reform bone around the new area, then we have no choice but to amputate the leg. 


We have several weeks while Dusty is recovering before a decision can be made.  Dusty acts like a tripod since he does not use the leg at all.  The leg is not causing him any discomfort.   If anything, the leg is in the way and is a nuisance.  We are leaning toward amputation but will do whatever the Specialists think is best for Dusty.


Dusty's bills are extremely large because he was in Critical Care for so long and so many expensive tests had to be performed almost daily.  Please, DONATE whatever you can for this sweet pup so we can help more pups like Dusty get the medical care they need to survive and thrive.


Beaufort County has gone out to the home of the Physicians that owned Dusty several times.  The last time they were there, it appeared they had left town.  They are actively looking into the case.  It is an active on-going investigation.


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