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DUSTY (Maltipoo)

Latest Updates

I am so happy to report on Christmas Eve that our dear, sweet Dusty that was not supposed to live has finished all of his Meds and fluids and is doing wonderfully.   His bloodwork is still not perfect, but given how sick he was it is close to being normal.  His Critical Care Specialist, Dr. Kristin Welch feels that the worst is over for him and his body will slowly begin to heal on its own without further medication.


If Dusty did not improve on all of the meds and fluids he had been given, then we knew the damage he had endured to his organs and lack of medical care had gone on too long for him to come back from it no matter what we did.   Fortunately, we got him in time and into the best Critical Care Specialists to turn his Life around.


Dusty was in ICU for quite a long time recovering.  Once he was able to leave the hospital, we contacted a very special Lady that had adopted several dogs from us before.  She was looking for another small dog and was interested in Dusty.  She agreed to do everything we asked of her including Sub-Q fluids with his meds and taking him back and forth to his Vet for bloodwork weekly.


Our sweet boy has officially been Adopted and has his very own Home surrounded by unconditional Love and Care.   It is as if he had never been sick or ever knew a bad day in his Life.   We are still doing everything we can to get the people responsible for his abuse charged with Animal Abuse and Neglect.


Tiny Dusty got the best Christmas Present of all.  He got the Gift of Life and unconditional Love from all of you and his new Family.  Merry Christmas from all of us at Noah's Arks Rescue.

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