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EASLEY, SC....We get notes from people all the time asking for help with their pups re-homing them.  Since the bulk of what we do are are major medical abuse cases, we usually refer them to someone else.   This time, the letter I got was one from a very desperate Young Lady that had two eleven-year-old Cockapoos she had since they were young.   I responded and asked several questions, and each note that came back was more desperate than the next.   I soon realized these two dogs had to get out of this household, or they would not survive another day.    By the end of the conversations, I also felt this person needed to get out of the Household.   The best I could do was to get her dogs out and get them the medical care they needed.  I was told one dog had an abscess from a bad tooth, and the other had ear infections.  I saw the pics and nothing seemed too bad.  They were cute pups that were in a Life-Threatening situation.


I sent someone to meet the young Lady and drive them to us.   The first thing I heard about from the driver was that the smell coming from the dogs was so bad, that you had to have the windows down.    It was the worst smell she had ever encountered and one that could not be described.     Both dogs were in terrible shape, but Gemima Rose was by far the worst.   The other dog Shadow was not as bad but still needed lots of medical.   Because their medical is so extensive, I am going to post them separately on different days to make sure we get the funds we need for each dog.


These two adorable pups had been living a horrible existence for years.  Poor Jemmi as she was called had a large open tumor on the side of her mouth and her mouth was one big abscess.  Most of her teeth were rotten.     The young Lady informed me she had a Life-Threatening Illness four years ago after she had delivered twins and her Life has spiraled out of control since then.   Her Husband would not allow her to get medical care for the dogs which is why they were so bad.   I was shocked to see the dogs.  Poor Jemmi was in the worst shape imaginable.

She is having surgery to remove the tumor and will have to have 11 teeth extracted and possibly more.   The tumor will be sent off for a biopsy to determine if it is cancerous.    The results will be back in about a week.  In the meantime, we are doing everything possible to give them the best medical care and love possible.  We can't give them back the years they spent in a kennel in a garage without love and affection, but we sure can love them unconditionally.   They are each sweet, sweet dogs that ended up in a horrible situation.    This young Lady should have reached out for help much sooner, so they did not have to suffer.  


Please, Donate whatever you can so we can get Jemmi the Medical Care she so desperately needs to survive.   Her body is one big infection from the infected teeth she had.   I can't even imagine how painful it must have been for her to eat.  The best news is that she and her Sister are with us now and their bad days are behind them.

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