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Gemmi short for Gemina-Rose made us all think someone had played a trick on us and she was actually two instead of twelve years old.  Once we removed her tumor, her entire World changed.  This once very sick older gal perked up and never looked back,  A walk was never a stroll but a sprint to her.  She went from sun up to sun down always with a smile on her face.  She loved playing with her buddies and refused to sleep by herself at night.  We finally put her in the same room with Chief and they snuggled all night long.  From that point on, she slept with a buddy.   Gemmi stole the hearts of everyone she met.  Everyone wanted to adopt this beautiful little girl but I just could not let her go until the perfect person walked in the door.  I knew right then, Gemmi would be leaving for her new home that day.  Our little Angel was spoiled rotten and loved every second of her new Life.   Her cancer had not come back, and she was fit and happy.  Gemmi loved her walks, but this one afternoon for some reason she did not want to go down the stairs and just seemed out of sorts.  Her Family brought her inside to let her lay down.  A very short time after she passed away without any warning.  Her Specialists think she either had a heart-attack or a massive stroke.   Nothing could be done but hold her while she crossed over.

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