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Latest Updates

We have been up morning, noon and night with updates on poor Grace.  Yesterday she had very little improvement, so there was no point in posting an update other than she is still alive.  Grace has been in such horrible shape that she could not even walk.  She had to be carried everywhere she went.   The other problem was that she did not want to eat.   She was already emaciated so not eating was going to be a big problem.  


This morning was the first time we got good news. Our sweet older gal was finally off of oxygen and breathing comfortably on her own.  Grace's mood had changed dramatically, and she was starting to interact with the Vet. Techs and her Cardiologist, Dr. Yamir Raina.  She was also eating and drinking and showing interest in her surroundings.


An ultrasound was done yesterday to determine if there was something significant they had missed as to why she was not coming out of the funk she was in.  The ultrasound was unremarkable.  Any concerns they had were all related to the stress of the heartworms on her body.


Grace has a GI bleed which they are resolving with medication.  All of her blood levels are stabilizing from the transfusion, and she is overall a much happier dog.  Her Cardiologist wants to do one more full blood panel to make sure she is stable, and then we can get her out of ICU at NC State and back to CVS (Carolina Vet. Specialists) in Matthews where she will be admitted back into ICU.  We have arranged for a Vet. Tech from CVS to go and get her tonight.


We are spoiled by all of our Specialists and Techs at the Hospitals we use all the time.  They know how we are about doing whatever is possible to save an animal but never to sacrifice their Quality of Life.   Dr. Raina and his Team did a wonderful job of providing Grace / Rosita with the best Medical Care along with the loving support that every animal needs and craves to survive.   I am very passionate about saving our animals and making sure they are loved and nurtured during their Hospital stays.   Animals give up when they are not given a reason to Live.  Unconditional Love and Support go a long way in a dog fighting to be here or giving up and dying.


Grace still has a lot of Medical issues that have to be dealt with.   Dr. Michelle Nanfelt will be consulting on the removal of her tumors this week, along with her Cardiologist, Dr. Elizabeth Cox and her Oncologist, Dr. Claudia McFadden.   Grace now has a chance at enjoying the remainder of her Life without struggling to breathe.   

Grace has enormous bills at each Hospital, and NC State does not do any discounts for Critical Care patients.  Please, Donate whatever you can for dear Grace.

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