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It is with incredible sadness I have to let everyone know that dear Grace has crossed over the Rainbow Bridge.   We took her out of the hospital when she did not seem to be coming around and gaining any strength.  I decided she needed more one on one time with us to hopefully give her the Will to Live.  All the medicine in the World was not going to give her that.   It was something she would only get by being surrounded by people that loved and adored her in a home environment which our Rehab Facility is designed to be.


They had already told us she had pretty much given up eating while in the hospital so we were prepared for that.  Grace was handfed roasted chicken and turkey to her heart's content.   We made fresh Bone Broth for her to drink whenever she was thirsty.    The first couple of days she ate out of our hands gladly.   As the days went on, she became weaker and weaker.  It didn't seem to matter how much she ate or drank; her health seemed to decline.


Her favorite thing in the World was for one of us to Spoon with her in a big dog bed on the floor.  If she was on one side of the room and we got in another bed, she would get up and walk over and crawl in bed with us.   As the week went on, Grace could barely get up and walk.   I decided to take her off all of her meds to see if they were the problem.  She still did not improve.    I finally had to face the fact that as much as Grace wanted to be here, her body had gone through too much with the strain of the Heartworms and she was too weak to survive.  


It was a terrible decision to make, but I knew it was time to make it for Grace.   We gave her the best couple of days with everyone cuddling with her.   Her best Friend and Buddy became Delilah.   They stayed in the room together and slept on the same blanket.   When the Vet came out to the Rehab Center that evening, she was ready to go.  We barely had to give her anything before she crossed over the Rainbow Bridge.   I was looking right in dear Grace's eyes with her head in my lap when she said her final Good-Bye.   Our beautiful girl was gone but not before she knew unconditional Love and Care.  For the first time in her Life, she knew she mattered, and she knew we would meet again.


Tonight when you look up in the sky, you will see the brightest Star surrounded by thousands of little ones slowly moving across the Heavens.  That will be our dear Grace, telling everyone that went before her how much she was loved, and the greatest Love was allowing her to die with Grace and Dignity.


Thanks for making her Journey to find unconditional Love, possible.  Our sweet girl is now our Guardian Angel Grace.

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