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It is with incredible sadness that we have to let everyone know that sweet Hershey has crossed over the Rainbow Bridge.   The last three months were wonderful for him.  We knew we couldn't cure the cancer.    We wanted him to be finally free of the massive tumor on his face and neck and to know unconditional love.  We accomplished both, and he showed us daily how much he appreciated what we did.  The last two days he started to go downhill and was having difficulty breathing.   We took him back to his doctor in Charleston, and she agreed his time was getting close.   The tumors in his lungs had grown so large they were restricting his airflow.   We started him on prednisone to see if that would reduce the size one more time.   It only did for the day.   


Hershey was the happiest boy that loved everyone.  His favorite time was with his Foster Mom rolling in the grass.    I don't think He ever got to roll and play in the grass until he came to us.  He was the happiest when he was outside free to roam around and play with his buddies.   He and Spencer lived together and were best buds.   Hershey will forever be a part of Noah's Arks Rescue Family.    We will carry his love with us wherever we go.  He is now an Angel that will be looking over all of us.   Thanks for caring about Hershey and allowing us to give him his Freedom.    When you look up into the sky tonight, smile and throw a kiss to the sweetest dog there ever was.  He is the star that is shining the brightest tonight.   


The picture is with Monica, our Adoption Coordinator after seeing the doctor.   Hershey was happy all the way to the end.

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