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We wanted to let everyone know that sweet Hooch had a massive seizure and had to be rushed to Critical Care in Charleston, SC.  He has massive swelling of the brain which caused the seizure.  Right now he is unresponsive and is being treated aggressively to get the swelling down.  His fever went to almost 105 which is normal for a seizure that lasted this long.  He is being treated by the Critical Care Team and his Neurologist.  He has the best possible team working on him to do everything we can to reverse the swelling and get him to respond to stimuli again.  Hooch had been doing incredible.  He had not had any seizures in over a month and never had a massive one.  Hooch had just gotten a great report from the Neurologist when he was seen on July 5th.  He was happy and normal when suddenly the seizure started and did not stop.  Please, keep Hooch in your prayers.  Any donations would be greatly appreciated.

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