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It is with incredible sadness we have to let everyone know that our dear sweet Hooch crossed over the Rainbow Bridge at 5:00 PM today.  He developed DIC (Disseminated Intravascular Coagulation) from having a seizure that lasted as long as his did.   Basically, he was bleeding to death.  After conferring with all of the Specialist, I decided the most loving decision I could make for Hooch was to help him cross over the Rainbow Bridge and not allow him to suffer.  We did everything possible to save him but in the end we wanted him to be a dog with a good quality of Life.  That was no longer possible, after his seizure this morning.  Our dear boy is now free to run and play and be an Angel to all of us here.  We greatly appreciate the donations that were made to give him the best possible chance.  Thanks for caring and being a part of his Journey to heal and find love.  He has been surrounded by love since the very first day we rescued him and he will always be a very special member of our Noah's Arks Rescue Family.  He will always be known for being the perfect Gentleman or Gentledog.  

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