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Gentle Humphrey is a 12+ year old Chow Mix that was abandoned in Richburg, SC.   As you can see from the pictures, he has had a terrible life of severe neglect.   He has very little fur left on his body and what he does have is in horrible shape.   Humphrey is a hot mess with so many things wrong that it was hard to figure out what to deal with first when we initially got him.   He has such a bad infection in his eyes that he can hardly see where he is going.    His ears are so infected that I feel pretty certain his hearing is minimal.   Humphrey's skin problem is either a flea allergy or a thyroid problem.  He has an enlarged testicle and prostate. The list just goes on and on.   Cultures and bloodwork have been sent off and are pending.    Once we get the results back, we will have a better idea of exactly his medical issues are.  One thing is for certain, whatever life Humphrey had before, he is far better off being away from the people that neglected him so badly.


Humphrey is the sweetest older Gentleman that is Gentle and Kind.  You know if he could talk, he would share stories of many adventures sprinkled with pearls of Wisdom that only comes from age.     Never turn your back on an older dog.  They have earned the respect and love that comes from a Lifetime of giving their all.   How you treat an older animal is exactly how you will be treated when you get to be their age.   Humphrey has a lot more living to do and will make an amazing Family dog.   We all can learn a lot from how he handles all the hardships he has endured.    Humphrey will be in the hospital for the next month getting well and being showered with the love and respect he deserves.   If you think your heart is big enough to be showered with his unconditional love, please, fill out an Adoption Application for him.

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