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Sweet Humphrey is slowly improving.   This poor pup has sure had a terrible Life.   His bloodwork came back that he did have a Thyroid Issue that we are treating.   He has a very enlarged Gallbladder that we are monitoring closely.  The images have been sent to a Critical Care Specialist along with his bloodwork to make sure we are not missing anything.   His liver values are elevated but are showing slight improvement.   Several bumps on him were aspirated and showed he did not have cancer.   His enlarged testicle was sent off, and it came back normal.  Poor Humphrey's hips and knees have terrible arthritis.  His left knee has a cruciate ligament tear which we have an Orthopedic Surgeon monitoring.  What we are dealing with is a Lifetime of neglect that has taken a toll on one of the sweetest dogs.    Humphrey has a lot going on right now.   The best news is that his results did not show any signs of cancer.    Everything else that is going on will just take time and careful monitoring to make sure we are going in the right direction.  We love this very special older Gentleman and want his latter years to be free of pain and suffering.    The medical list is long, but our dedication is longer.    Whatever Humphrey needs, he will have if it will make his Quality of Life better or put a smile on his face.  We love our older dogs and cherish the time we have with them.

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