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JUNO (Husky)

Latest Updates

Poor Juno has gone from being saved and okay to Pneumonia to necrotizing Mastitis.  She has the Perfect Storm brewing in her body that is further compromised because of her emaciated state.   Every update gets worse by the day.  Sweet Juno does not have a clue she is sick.  She does not have the energy she had in the beginning but is still happy, loving and wants to curl up in your lap whenever possible.  


Juno has been in ICU since we took her on Sunday. She was diagnosed with Pneumonia and shortness of breath from her compromised lung function.  After a day they noticed her mammary glands were swollen and leaking.   The next day they discovered she had black/blue marks around her breasts.  Her fever came back, and they did more x-rays, and ultrasounds to see what was brewing in her body.


The original scan looked like she might still have puppies that had died.  Dr. Val Tanco was consulted to see what could be done given she could not have surgery with her compromised breathing from pneumonia.  More tests were done, and the fluid from her mammary glands was sent off for testing to see what they were dealing with.


We finally got some answers and am stilling waiting for her culture to tell us what infection she has in her mammary chain.  Dr. Tanco is the Fertility Specialist at CVRC.   She determined that Juno has a cystic disease in her uterus called cystic endometrial hyperplasia and necrotizing mastitis.   If the lesions continue to spread, we will need to consider surgical removal of the affected mammary glands.


Normally, we would go in and remove the infected necrotic area, and that would be that.  The surgery takes a lot out of the dogs but saves their Life. Juno cannot undergo surgery at this time because she cannot have anesthesia and her body score is too low for her to survive.  We have a Team of Specialists over-seeing every aspect of Juno's care to determine what will give her the best chance of survival.  


We are hopeful the antibiotic she is on will help with her mastitis and cystitis.  If that is not the case and her bacteria is resistant, we will have to get her over her pneumonia before she can have surgery.   Only after she has a clean lung scan can she have surgery.   During all of this, we are doing everything possible to put weight on her which is not easy given the meds she is taking for her pneumonia.


Now you know why I said, she has the Perfect Storm brewing in her body.  We still have a lot of balls in the air, but the good news is we have identified her medical issues and have a plan based on the results we get from her scans and cultures.   What started out as saving a sweet dog needing some TLC has become a very expensive Medical Emergency to save her Life.  We are getting very little in Donations and need for everyone to chip in something to help us help Juno get the medical care she so desperately needs.   PLEASE, DONATE.


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