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JUNO (Husky)

Latest Updates

Beautiful Juno is one very sick pup.  She has improved, but her blood values are not regenerating as we had hoped.  Her pneumonia has improved, and her necrotizing mastitis has not gotten worse.  All of these are good signs that we have her on the best possible antibiotic to stop the progression of her mastitis.  Our hope is we can clean the infection and not have to remove her mammary chains on both sides.


Juno was feeling so depressed that we opted to get her out and bring her back to our Rehab Facility for lots of TLC.   Everyone at CVRC loves working with our dogs and gives them extra smooches and hugs all day long.  The problem is animals do not thrive in a hospital environment because of all the unfamiliar sounds, smells, and other animals.  We designed Noah's Arks Rescue more like a home environment so they can start to relax the minute they arrive.


Our beautiful girl was tired but glad when she arrived back at Noah's Arks rescue.  She has been staying at Fetch Mkt. during the daytime, so someone is with her all the time.  She has a bed behind the counter, and the minute she hears the doorbell jingle she hops up and puts her paws on the counter to get some loving.  Everyone is shocked to see her reach her paws out.  Once she gets some loving, she lays back down.


We will be taking Juno back to CVRC in a couple of days for chest x-rays to see if her lungs are clear for her to have surgery and anesthesia.  We got her out for a couple of days to lift her spirits which have improved significantly.  The first surgical procedure Juno will have is to be spayed.  That will take care of her cystic endometrial hyperplasia.  We will then determine if her mastitis is resolving.


The prognosis is looking better for Juno.  We have to get her over her pneumonia first and then we can move on to everything else.  Thanks for helping us with this beautiful, sweet pup.  Your love and support is greatly appreciated.

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