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JUNO (Husky)

Latest Updates

I have wonderful news.  Juno is over her pneumonia and her Necrotizing Mastitis has resolved with all of the antibiotics she has been on.   She has a few places that are still puffy on her mammary chain, but the black areas have become viable, and blood flow has been restored.   We were not anxious to do such drastic surgery but were prepared to do it to save her Life.  


When she came down with pneumonia and was put on oxygen, she was no longer a candidate for anesthesia until her pneumonia had resolved.  It has taken us almost two weeks to clear her lungs, put weight on and clear the infection on the underside of her body.  It never occurred to us the dead tissue would come back viable without us having to remove it surgically.  Her body got stronger, and the antibiotics did their magic.  


Juno is scheduled to be spayed this week, and any infected area that is left will be flushed and removed.  Two weeks after her spay she will be able to go to her new home.  We are extra cautious about making sure all of her medical issues are resolved before she leaves.  


Juno is one of the sweetest most beautiful dogs.   She feels so good now that all she wants to do is play and jump over the counter at Fetch Mkt to greet customers.  We wanted to have her in the front with us, but she tried to welcome each person personally by jumping on the counter.  Everyone loved it, but it made us nervous that one more jump and she was out the door.  The good news is that she feels good enough to create all this commotion.


Juno is alive because of your generosity.  Thanks for caring about her all our other special pups.  Your Love and Support is greatly appreciated.

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