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KC (Mini Schnauzer)

Latest Updates

It is with incredible sadness I have to let everyone know that sweet KC lost his battle last night and crossed over The Rainbow Bridge. 
An hour after I posted his wonderful update, he went into cardiac distress.  The ER / ICU Specialists were there and stabilized him as best they could.  They took a blood sample which indicated his body had become Septic. He had formed a perforation somewhere in his intestine.  We would have to go in, do exploratory surgery to find the leak and repair the area as best we could.  Dr. Jennifer Au was called in the do the Emergency Surgery.


I spoke to Dr. Au and asked her to contact me as soon as she had seen KC.  I asked for pictures and a video, so I could see how he was since I was not there.  I got the pictures and video and then spoke to Dr. Au.  There was no way KC could survive this procedure.  The biopsy had not come back yet, but we were pretty certain he probably had cancer, and there were cancer cells in the area that was removed.  Any cells that are cancerous will not heal properly, and that is probably where he formed a leak that had gone into his abdomen.


After a Gut-Wrenching conversation with Dr. Au (whom I have a great deal of Respect for), I decided it was best to allow KC to cross over the Rainbow Bridge.   I had all of his tubes removed and asked them to get him comfortable.   Dr. Au and her Staff cuddled KC in their arms as he crossed over.   He was in the arms of people that had come to love him in the short time he was in the Hospital.  Our sweet boy was finally whole and out of pain.


I contacted KC's Family to let them know exactly what had happened.  At the time, we were planning on doing surgery which she was happy to hear.  I also explained that there was a big chance he may not come out of this and asked what her wishes were.    She wanted me to make the decisions and to let her know in the morning what had happened.  She was going to pray long into the night and would accept whatever happened.


This morning, KC'S Biopsy Report came back.  Our little Angel had Adenocarcinoma of his intestinal tract.   His prognosis was not good and would have never gotten better.  The right decision was made to do the initial surgery, and the right decision was made not to do the surgery last night once he had become Septic.   Our hearts are broken for this wonderful Family.   The good news is they can feel good about doing everything possible to save him and to find out what was wrong.


KC's bills are higher than you could ever imagine because he was so sick when he arrived.  The Family is paying what they can, but we need to still pay these bills so we can keep doing what we do to save animals that are abused and need Emergency Care.  Thanks for caring and giving this sweet dog the only chance he had.


Tonight when you look up into the Night Sky, look for a cluster of stars that are running left and then running right and appear to be doing this all over the Heavens.  That will be KC acting like a funny puppy which his Family said he did all the time.   Our sweet boy is finally home.  Thanks for caring and loving all of our pups, like they are your very OWN.


We posted a sweet video of KC walking yesterday which gave us hope that sadly did not last.  It is his final Good-Bye to each of us.

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