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Lamb Chop

LAMB CHOP'S Custom Quad Cart finally arrived.   We have waited a long time for this girl to be able to stand up and walk on her own.  Well, it wasn't exactly on her own but she is now able to run and walk around without us holding her up.   We were hoping she would never need a cart, but her little legs have just not gotten to that point yet.   I can't even begin to tell you how excited we all were to see her move around in the cart.   At times, she can even run toward you.   For her to be able to stand up at a normal height after all this time has certainly excited our little girl.  At one point, she was so excited that she started to HOWL.


Lamb Chop is not scheduled to have her pressure dropped for another month.  She is making slow, but progressive progress from the shunt we had inserted two months ago to drain the fluid off her brain.  The Neurologist is very excited about her progress and thinks she will eventually be able to run and walk without the cart.   Without the daily Rehab, she would not even be able to walk in the cart.  We now realize how critical it is for her to get her Physical Therapy daily to make sure we kept her muscles tones and stimulated.   She also has Acupuncture to enhance all of her Therapies.  


We have made so much progress this past week.  Please, keep donating toward her Physical Therapy so we can keep her in the hospital.   I never dreamed we would still be working on this adorable little Lamb Chop, but we are.    We have to see this through to the end until she is getting around on her own.   We have posted several videos that will put a smile on your face and bring tears to your eyes.


Wake up WORLD and watch our little girl RUN around.

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