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Lamb Chop

A lot has happened in the last year with Sweet Lamb Chop.   When I think how far this adorable puppy has come and how far she has to go, it is a Miracle she is here.   We rescued Lamb Chop when she was six weeks old, and she is now eighteen months old.   We were each so hopeful that right after the shunt was put in (to slowly drain the fluid from her brain), she would be up and walking in a matter of weeks.   That did not happen.   Lamb Chop could raise her head to drink for short periods of time, but she did not have the ability to walk.  Over the next year, we did Rehab, Shunt Adjustment after Shunt Adjustment to regulate the amount of fluid that was drained and our little bundle of joy made small steps going forward.  We had a custom cart made for her, and all she was able to do was go in circles.   It has taken us a very long time to see the progress that we wanted for this little Angel.  


Every week we got notes from people wanting to know if Lamb Chop was still alive because there were very few updates.   We would always respond back with encouraging words to let everyone know she was still being treated at the Hospitals and Rehab Centers and was making slow but steady progress.  There was no point in doing an update until progress could be seen.  During Lamb Chop's long Hospital stays a young lady that worked there fell in love with our little girl.   More importantly, Lamb Chop fell in love with her.   During that time Katelyn discussed with me the possibility of adopting her.   I explained that she would have continued care for the rest of her Life.   Her entire Family would have to be onboard, and I would have to be kept in the loop on every medical issue that came up no matter how small.


I watched how Katelyn was with our little pup, and I also saw a difference in Lamb Chop.   She seemed to try harder and want to engage more in the Daily Life of living.   I decided to allow Lamb Chop to be taken home at night from the hospital and then brought back in the morning when Katelyn worked.  Lamb Chop was able to hold going to the bathroom until the following morning and was overall much happier.  I wanted this sweet pup to have a home more than anyone, but I also knew how tricky her situation was.  There were strict rules that had to be adhered to because of the shunt and the possibility of infection.  Having a bladder infection was a concern that had to be addressed all the time.   We have already had several bouts with that, and the Family has a very clear understanding of what to look for and to get her to the Vet immediately.


I finally decided that I would allow the Family to Co-Adopt Lamb Chop with Noah's Arks Rescue.  I make medical decisions on our little pups behalf, and we pick up the major bills since that is something that would put too much strain on any Family.   Basic Vet Care and Food, etc. is part of their obligation.  It seems to be working because Lamb Chop is thriving in her new home.  The entire Family is involved with her Care, and we are kept up to date with her well-being and are always here to help.


Lamb Chop is always going to need Medical Care, and her adjustments are very costly.  The adjustments are made by using an MRI that resets everything and gives us a view of how much fluid is still on her brain at the same time.  Her Neurologist then resets all of the values with a magnet and a piece of equipment to adjust the flow of fluid drainage.  Each time we do this, the cost is around $3000.   This is in addition to any medical issues that come up during the course of the year.   The good news is that she only has had a couple of medical issues over the last six months and has been fine otherwise.  As her Neurologist told us when we started down this path with her, if you are not committed to the dog then say good-bye now.   We are as committed now as we were when we first stepped up for her.


 Little Lamb Chop is growing up and has a wonderful Home she can call her own.  We could not be happier for this little girl.   We haven't asked for funds to cover her MRI'S for quite a while.  We now need to put back the funds we have gone into for her, so we are prepared for her next adjustment and any medical needs she has.   We are all in this together.   I guess you could say the Noah's Arks Rescue Community is part of the Co-Adoption agreement.   Please, Donate whatever you can for the upcoming Medical Costs and the ones we have done over the last year to keep our little girl moving forward and safe.


Thanks for caring and making her Journey to Live, Love and Walk, possible.  We greatly appreciate all you have done for her and us.

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