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MANNING Parvo Pups

Saving Parvo Pups is one of the most heart-breaking decisions to make.   Having all the best medical care in the World is still not enough for some of these precious Angels.   The costs once they get this sick is prohibitive because of all the Life-Saving measures that have to be taken.   Either you never step up, or you go into this undertaking knowing only a few will walk away alive.  One thing is for sure, your heart will be crushed, and your pocketbook will be empty with bills still to pay.


Sadly, we lost sweet Opie late last night.  He took a turn for the worst yesterday.  Everything medically possible was done for this precious pup.   At the moment he became unresponsive, I instructed his ER Team to remove all of his tubes and to hold and love on him until he passed.   We did not administer any more drugs to bring him back because I knew he did not have the strength to fight what had happened to his internal organs.    He died knowing Love and the warmth of a Caring Heart.


This sweet pup never had a chance even with us.  What he did have was a peaceful place to be loved and cared for in his final days.  Puppies with Parvo SUFFER a horrible death.    It is a terrible way to spend your last days on this Earth.  For the week before this, the suffering begins and does not end until you are dead.  


So many people in Rescue never even step up for these beautiful Souls because the cost financially and emotionally is too high.   It breaks your Heart and Soul.  It has been a year since we had our last Parvo Pups.  We started out with thirteen and ended up with six that survived and are in great homes loving Life.  The thousands of dollars spent in the first six hours you have them is something you could never imagine.  


The reason why I said yes to the most critical is that I knew no one else was going to.   Other rescues could take on the ones that were not showing signs of gastrointestinal distress, but these three were doomed to DIE.  I wanted to give them one final Hail Mary in the arms of our Angels on Earth.


Gemma, Jax, and Opie are the names the ER Team gave them.   Gemma and Jax are still fighting to be here.  Jax is the worst one now.   He took a turn for the worse when his glucose levels bottomed out but has now rebounded.   Jax has to be fed through an NG tube which he is tolerating.  He is awake and alert but still feeling puny but loves being cuddled and loved on.


Gemma is the spunkiest of all.   She responded the quickest to her Medical Care and has improved each day steadily.   She is also the hardest to take pics of because she is always moving and bouncing around.   We don't want to say she is out of the woods because that could change but we are feeling hopeful the worst is over for her.


We are each so sad for Opie but in our hearts knows he was loved when it mattered the most in his Life.   He did not die alone, suffering for days.    Gemma and Jax will remain in ICU until they are both well.  Once the worst is over and out of ICU, they will then come to our Rehab Facility and will be in isolation until their quarantine is up.  We cannot risk infecting any of our other young pups.


Any Donation amount is greatly appreciated to keep these last two in ICU while they recover.   We can't save them all as we have seen with dear Opie, but that will not deter us from giving our all to save them.   Please, do whatever you can for this cause.   No animal deserves to die this way.   Every creature deserves a chance at a Life filled with Love and Compassion.  In the end, our last memory should be one of unconditional LOVE.

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