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MANNING Parvo Pups

If God is listening, then he will reach down and save this little seven pound Angel.  I just cannot believe Gemma is still so sick.  She should have rounded a corner by now, but she hasn't.  I have just gotten off the phone with her Critical Care Specialists and have approved her having a transfusion if her values drop any lower. The particular strain of Parvo Opie and Jax succumbed to has now taken hold of dear Gemma.


This beautiful puppy that has had so much Life in her from the beginning is slowly slipping away.  She is not as bad as Jax and Opie became but is not far behind.   Her blood values have got to improve, or she will not make it.  The ICU Team is keeping her as comfortable as they can given how bad her GI issues are. I have told everyone that I DO NOT want her to suffer.   If she starts a downward spiral and is not aware of her surroundings, then we will help her cross over.  If she is responsive and would benefit from a transfusion, then I have approved for the ICU team to do that. A transfusion has it's on set of complications.  It is not an end all be all fix.   


I hope that everyone read the information I posted in the last update of Gemma about Parvo.  It is a horrible Virus and is deadly.  Parvo is getting stronger and more wicked each strain that comes out.  I remember when good medical care in the hospital could save 70% of puppies infected with it.  Not with the new strains.  We have the best medical care money can buy, and we have already lost two puppies.  


This poor pup needs a break.  If she does not improve, then she will not make it.   At this stage of the came,  I am not even thinking about the money because we have already spent so much.  I am determined not to turn my back on this special puppy.   I will only stop when her little body begins to shut down.  As long as she is fighting, then we are going to fight with her.   Please, say lots of prayers for this little Angel.   Thanks for caring and helping us with her Medical Care.

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