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MANNING Parvo Pups

GEMMA has joined her Brothers Jax and Opie at the Rainbow Bridge.  I am sure when she crossed over the Heavens, they were waiting for her with pure Joy.


In the early morning hours, Gemma became unresponsive, and I instructed her ICU Team to remove all lines and focus on loving her. She was made comfortable and was allowed time to be free of pain before she crossed over.   Her Specialists believe her body had become Septic from the Parvo Virus.  


Thousands of tears have been shed for these beautiful innocent puppies.  Tears will not bring them back or stop the suffering they endured.  Only stopping the Back-Yard Breeders that DO NOT comply with the Laws is going to save them. Albert Schweitzer's quote, "Think occasionally of the suffering of which you spare yourself the sight,"  speaks volumes concerning animal welfare.    Don't put your head in the sand any longer.   Stand up for what is right and report back-yard breeders that are not complying with the laws.   Parvo doesn't just happen.  Weak, neglected puppies get it that are not given proper medical care when they are young.   It is a horrible, terrifying death for an innocent, vulnerable Soul.  


Swing the pendulum of Humanity on its axis in the direction of a giving Heart.   Don't walk away from an injured, abused animal.   When all you have is Love to give, then give it freely.   We need funds more than ever because so many have turned their backs on the unfortunate.   If someone had just stopped to make one small gesture for these sick puppies when they first got sick, we might be playing with them now.


I don't have answers for how to make the Human Race kinder or more loving.  All I have is ME.   I may be broke and tired, but my Soul is full.  I knew it was a long shot for Gemma, Jax, and Opie and I took them on anyway.  Even though my pockets were empty, my heart ached for these special pups that were suffering.  In the end, they knew unconditional Love, and that is what matters the most to me.


Tonight when you look up into the beautiful Night Sky, prepare for a Meteor Shower.   Gemma, Jax, and Opie with be dancing and playing with Millions of Parvo puppies that have already passed the Pearly Gates of Heaven.   Their beautiful Souls will always be a part of the Noah's Arks Rescue Family forever in our Hearts.  Thanks for being their Guardian Angel and ours.  We are forever grateful to YOU.

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