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MARY LOU (Pitbull)

Our sweet pup Mary Lou has finally made it to our Rehab Center and boy were we glad to see her.   She has got to be one of the most loving dogs we have ever had.  She is a typical fun-loving Pitbull that loves everyone and always has a smile on her face.  I cannot imagine living a Life where your skin itches and oozes all of the time.   That is also the reason Mary Lou had such a severe infection when her tumor ruptured.  Her skin was already a hot mess and a breeding ground for any opening.   When her tumor erupted, the infection she already had invaded the area quickly.


Mary Lou is a long way from being cured or healed.  She is getting warm compresses (that she thinks are Spa Treatments) to help with the inflammation and the drainage.  She has to have lots of medicated baths throughout the week (another Spa Treatment) to get control of her horrible skin problems.  Once we feel Mary Lou's immune system has rebounded, we will begin her Oncology treatments for the Squamous Cell Carcinoma that was removed.   If we had clean margins, we would not proceed with chemotherapy, but unfortunately, that was not possible given the size of the tumor.


I wish every dog we rescued had Mary Lou's personality.  It breaks my heart the people that had her did not appreciate what a Gentle Soul she is in every way. She does not have a mean bone in her body.  Her goal in Life appears to be making people smile and other dogs comfortable.  Every dog we have loves this beautiful pup.   I so wish we had known about her earlier so that we could have rescued her sooner.   It is so hard for us at times, when we have a dog that is pure LOVE that has been so mistreated.  Life is not fair when it comes to these Gentle Souls.


We are doing everything possible to give Mary Lou the best possible chance of getting on the other side of all the medical issues she has.  Every time Mary Lou smiles when we do her treatments, our heart skips a beat. This beautiful pup deserves a Life free of Suffering, and we are determined to give her that.   


We are way behind on Mary Lou's bills because of the Holiday weekend and the fact she has a lot of treatments that are on-going.  Please, Donate whatever you can so we can stay on top of all of her Medical Needs.  Thanks for caring and giving us the opportunity to show this beautiful pup, what unconditional Love is.

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