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MARY LOU (Pitbull)

Adorable Mary Lou steals our heart daily.   She is one of the sweetest, most gentle dogs you will ever meet.  The other day when I was checking her incision site and skin, it suddenly occurred to me why Mary Lou dances in place.  She must have lived most of her Life in a tiny pen or was tied up with no room to move.  When she got excited, she would walk in place to show her excitement.   She could do that all day long and do it with a smile on her face.  This beautiful pup has not stopped smiling since the day we rescued her.  She is happy from early in the morning until she lays her head down for the night.


Mary Lou has made significant progress since her surgery.  We have to deal with Mary Lou's Demadex in addition to skin infections she had when she arrived.  Her skin has been a hot mess for a very long time.   We are finally making progress where her tumor was removed.   The tissue at the incision site is healing and is beginning to look healthy.    She looks a thousand times better than she did when she first came to us.


Mary Lou has the best personality.  Everyone loves taking care of her.  She has a special place in all of our hearts.  Each pup we love beyond measure.  They are not abused animals to us.  They are living, breathing beautiful Souls that we have been graced with their Care. We are the lucky ones that are the recipients of their unconditional Love.


Happiness comes from within.  When the World is falling apart around you, if you look long and hard, there is always a glimmer of Hope and Joy to be found.   Most of the  Abused Dogs we take on see their Life in glimpses of Hope.  Today, someone will pet me instead of beat me.  Maybe, I will get food and clean water.  Maybe, I will get off this chain and run and never stop until someone is kind to me.    Dogs like Mary Lou see Hope everywhere.


Animals feel love and pain just like we do.  The only difference is that it doesn't take much for them to be happy and they can endure unimaginable hardships.   Mary Lou is just one of the many dogs we have at the Rehab Facility that we have embraced into our hearts.   They would make fantastic Family members.   We are going to start posting the ones that are ready to be adopted weekly on our Facebook page.  I am not going to send them around in an e-mail.   Please, go to our Facebook page and like it so you can read their stories.  


We are beyond full with great dogs that are ready for their own Family.  If we do not get adoptions, we can't take on more abuse cases.  Please, help us with this.  Forward to your Friends and share their stories.   We are not meant to be the final home for these beautiful creatures.  We are the Middle where we get them well, teach them to trust and learn the type of home and Family that would be right for them.   You or a Friend of yours could be the perfect Family for one of our beautiful pups.  Please, give them a chance at a Life with their very own Family.


Mary Lou and all the others in our care are here because you donated to their medical care.  Thanks for being the good in the World that believes all life's matter.   We are here because you make it possible for us to Love and Nurture these beautiful Souls.

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