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MERCY (Mini Plott Hound)

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ANDERSON, SC.....We help Animal Control a lot in that area.  It seems like it has been one hit by car after another and no one is stepping up to help these innocent pups.  We had just helped William from Anderson when we got the call begging for help with a tiny brindle Hound Mix named Mercy.  This six-month-old puppy looked like she had been run over instead of being hit and thrown.  Her pelvis and spine were out of alignment as if I had taken her and pushed one side forward and pulled the other side back.


Mercy looks like a tiny plott hound/dachshund mix.  Her breaks are so severe that she will require three major surgeries to attempt to put her back together.   She has a distal right femoral fracture, a right acetabular fracture,  left SI luxation and a bone fragment has broken off of her sacrum.    She started out having her first surgeries at Charleston Veterinary Referral Center and then was transferred to the Neurology Dept. at Carolina Veterinary Specialists to have surgery with Dr. Bob Bergman.


Mercy's pain level has been through the roof because of all the different areas of her body that were broken.   She was picked up by Animal Control after someone called in to say there was an injured dog on the side of the road.  Her injuries were not fresh, so she had been there for several days in unimaginable pain.    Mercy is a little dog that was emaciated when she arrived.   She only weighed 22 pounds and should have been a lot more.


Through it all, our little Mini Plott Hound has been the perfect Angel.  As long as she is on someone's lap, all is right with the World.   I think the biggest part of Mercy are her big floppy ears.  It looks like she has big Hound Dog ears on a small body.   She is the cutes little pup in every way.   It would have been a tragedy if she had been euthanized because no one stepped up for her.


Mercy has had her three major surgeries and is now healing from all of the procedures.   She is getting constant Rehab at the Hospital to make sure she gets back as much range of motion as possible.  It is hard to describe how disfigured our little girl's body was when she first arrived.  She is still not perfect but can function and will eventually be able to run and play.


We are into Thanksgiving Week and the Season when people get depressed, abuse their animals and abandon them.    For the next two months, we will be in over-drive saving as many animals as possible.    We need funds, and we need them now to cover Mercy's   Major Medical Bills so we can keep saving animals.  


We live from hand to mouth with these pups because there are so many needing our help.  PLEASE, Donate, whatever you can when we send these pleas around.  If you cannot Donate, then forward to your Friends and Family so they can help.  We do what we have to do so they can Live the Life they so deserve.  Love and Kindness goes a long way with these innocent animals, and all they have seen is hardship and despair.  Thanks for caring and helping us with dear Mercy.


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