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MYA has the BEST life! 


Her mom and dad love her like she is their very own child. She's a complete Daddies who girl, who's favorite pastime is to curl up on the couch while her Daddy watches football! She follows her Momma everywhere, from room to room, never letting her leave her sight. 


MYA loves her neighborhood buddies; she plays with Dillinger, who is kitty who looks just her in color. Dillinger LOVES to clean Mya and give her sweet kitty kisses. Her canine sidekick, Snow she love to run and play in the soft grass. 


Mya wasn't always the best with other animals, but now, thanks to her mom and dad believing in her, she now can be social with other animals. She now enjoys all the joys of her life by being spoiled and loved every day! 

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