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I am happy to report that Nickel did great during his long surgery.  The bigger the tumor, the more complicated the surgery.  The main problem was saving as much of the abdominal muscles as possible.  There was plenty of skin to sew the area shut once the tumor and surrounding tissue were cut away.  Dr. Sam Nelson at CVRC took her time removing the tumor and making sure she had clean margins so she would not have to go back and remove any more tissue once the biopsy comes back.   We believe we are dealing with a Mast Cell Tumor but will not know for sure until we get the final pathology report.  That usually takes about a week.


Nickel is such a sweet boy and is so easy going that you would never know he had major surgery the day before.  He is still in quarantine and will be for another five days.  After that, he is free and clear to run around and give everyone lots and lots of kisses.   We love this beautiful dog and can't wait for everyone to finally get to wrap their arms around him.   He is sweet, loving and beautiful and has the best personality.  He will make a wonderful member of the Family once he has healed.


Thanks for caring and making his Journey to Heal and find Love possible.

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