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It is hard to believe this is the same dog we rescued six weeks ago.    Nickel is doing amazing as you can see from the photo.  The tumor we removed was extremely aggressive which is why he is on chemo and will be checked monthly for any signs of cancer recurring.   He will also have monthly bloodwork to make sure his body is tolerating the chemo well.  


Nickel had his staples removed, and he finally got to run free in the yard and play for the first time since we have had him.  He took off like a bullet and flew through the air as if to say, "Free at last, watch me soar."   It is amazing to see a dog that did not have a chance in the World at living very long, given his Life back.   We never know what their Life expectancy will be once the surgery is done.  All we know is that they finally have a chance at living a much longer Life free of the pain and suffering massive Tumors cause.   


We are working on Nickels manners and some basic Training.  Once he has learned some basic commands and is Neutered, he will be available to be adopted.  We love this wonderful dog and are so glad to finally see him run and play.


Thanks for making his Journey to heal possible.  Any donations that come in will go toward his Chemotherapy and continued medical tests and scans.

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