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NICKEL has crossed over Rainbow Bridge. 


It is with incredible sadness we have to let everyone know our sweet Nickel has lost his battle with cancer. Nickel's cancer was one of the worst we'd ever seen. We had just changed his chemotherapy medication to something stronger and more powerful and had great hope it would blast the cancer in his limp nodes. Unfortunately, the cancer was just too extreme. Nickel became very sick, very fast. 


We can tell you Nickel enjoyed the BEST island life after being released from the hospital. Nickel’s tail never stopped wagging with happiness. He spent his final months with his foster dad in a loving home with another dog who became Nickel’s best friend. Together, they showed Nickel how to be a happy, playful dog again. He made many new friends along the way. He ran on the beach. He chased balls at the park. He slept on a huge cozy bed each night. Nickel was loved immensely by all who had the pleasure of meeting him. He brought joy and love to everyone he met. Nickel either never knew he was sick or was too busy spreading his joy to let it bring him down. Those who loved him most were with him as he peacefully passed. 


We will miss this sweet boy. His enduring smile will always be with us. Nickel is now able to run free. He is no longer in pain. Tonight when you look up at the stars, look for the brightest one. Think of Nickel. He will be watching over us, keeping us safe.

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