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COLUMBIA, SC.......We were contacted yesterday by a Rescue in Illinois that wanted to pull an abused animal from Columbia. Since we had never worked with the Rescue before and did not know anyone that had we were unable to help this Group.  We NEVER pull animals for any Group or Individual we are not already associated with especially when an animal will be leaving our immediate area.  I got all the information about the dog they wanted to help and decided since I couldn't help the Group, I would help the dog.  I took away his last chance by protecting him from further possible harm and also sealed his fate.  Everyone knows how full we are so taking in one more was just not possible.  It is better for an animal to die humanely than in an unknown inhumane way.  This doesn't mean the other Rescue wasn't good, it just meant I had enough experience with the unknowns happening all over the Country to not let that happen to this dog.  After about an hour, I decided I couldn't let this little 10 year old Shih Tzu be put down this way.  He deserved one last chance and I was going to give it to him.  By the end of the day, he was going to be getting Emergency Medical Care and given the best chance possible of surviving his life of horror.  I chose to not help the Rescue but to save the dog instead.  They understood and were grateful we stepped up.  Sweet NOWAH is approx. 10 years old.  Based on how he looks and his medical condition, it appears he has lived his entire life outside.  Shih Tzu's are not dogs that are bred to live outside.  They are indoor dogs that need to be groomed so they do not get skin issues that are caused from lack of care.  Nowah has only one tooth left.  All his other teeth are missing.  Based on how he ate last night, he can eat soft food without teeth.  Someone just quit feeding this little guy.   For the next two days, we will be accessing all of his medical problems.  We already know we are dealing with a lot of medical issues.  What we have to determine is if there is a main component to all of this that has him so sick, such as thyroid, heart, liver, etc.   His bloodwork is all over the place.  We have him being seen by the best Specialist around to determine the best course of action.  He is also very anemic. We do not do transfusions until we determine the cause and if he could survive a transfusion.  One thing is for sure, he is a happy boy that knows he was saved today.  He is showering everyone with lots of hugs and kisses.  They may be stinky, smelly kisses but that is okay with us.  He definitely is a Diamond in the Rough that didn't deserve the life he had.  Once we get more of his tests back, we will update everyone as they come in.  For now, he is being showered with love while we are stabilizing him.  He has had the worst life and still finds a way to be happy.  NOWAH has turned all his hardships into fighting one more day for something good to happen.  His good day has just arrived.  We are so glad he was brought to our attention so he could be saved and live the rest of his life filled with love and compassion for this wonderful breed.

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