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Latest Updates

Our little bitty Rag-a-Muffin is getting stronger each day.  We removed some of the matted fur but not all of it.  He is so used to being in pain from the mats pulling his skin all the time that he was not happy with us.  He has had a bath each day to soothe his skin and get him used to being handled and loved on.   His anemia is improving.  If it continues this way, he will not need a blood transfusion.  Our little boy was so covered with fleas that his skin was raw and infected in areas.  We believe the lack of food and the quantity of fleas feeding on his blood supply is the main reason he is so anemic.  He is as cute as a button.  I now think he is a Shih Tzu Mix and could be mixed with a Yorkie.  Whatever it is, he is adorable and will be Mr. Stud Muffin w/out the muffins in a couple of months.  He is still not stable enough for us to sedate him and remove the remaining tooth and also do more bloodworm.  We are taking it slow and easy with him so he gets used to all of us.  It appears he has been by himself for quite a while without much human contact based on how he reacts.  He still loves to give kisses.  We have not raised nearly enough funds for all the medical care this little Man is going to need.  If you haven't donated, please do so we do not have to go into our Emergency Fund which is terribly depleted.  Something people don't realize is that an emergency to us is not a thousand dollar emergency  but one that is usually tens of thousand to save a dogs life that has been tortured.  NOWAH is going to be the cutest, little man once all of his medical conditions are taken care of.  For those of you that have asked, his tongue will always be hanging out the side of his mouth because he does not have any teeth.  The teeth are what keeps the tongue inside the mouth by resting in between them.  It gives him personality and a great story to tell his Grand-kids.  Please, fill out our Adoption Application if you are interested in bringing this wonderful dog into your loving Family.

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