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Latest Updates

Our little boy is doing so much better.  He looks like a totally different dog.  Look how bright and alert he is in the picture with those big beautiful eyes.  We sedated him last week so we could do a more thorough medical exam. We found 4 teeth that he had remaining and removed several that were infected.  Because his fur had been matted for so long, his skin was infected and raw in places.  He is still anemic but that is improving weekly.   Our sweet boy is slowly putting his weight back on which is helping his anemia.  Having only a few teeth does not stop him from eating soft food. He craves affection but is cautiously optimistic every time we pick him up.  That has improved a lot now that his body doesn't hurt any longer and his tangled mass is no longer the source of pain and suffering. Now that he has had a haircut, we are not sure what breed he is.  He is so small that he looks like a Yorkie mixed with a small terrier.  He is cute as a button with his little tongue always hanging out the right side of his mouth.  He is still in the hospital being treated.  We are hoping he will be ready to be adopted in the next two weeks.  If you are interested in this wonderful little dog, please fill out our Adoption Application below.  We are still taking donations for our little Wonder Dog.  


Dogs are the most amazing creatures when it comes to survival.  They never give up, even when the odds are against them.   Nowah has a lot of years left in him that he is  ready to share with some lucky person.

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