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Latest Updates

Our little bundle of Joy is still having a rough time with his tiny legs.  It is amazing to me how such a small dog can have such a fierce growl when he does not want you near his leg.   Yesterday was the day to change all of his bandages, and we were hoping the Vet would not have to sedate him but that was not going to happen.    He doesn't appear to be in pain as much as he just gets scared someone is going to hurt his legs.   He goes into full panic mode.   We decided it was just too stressful for him and us to see him this way so he had to have a mild sedation.   His staples were removed, and his wounds were thoroughly cleaned.   Unfortunately, his leg is just not stable enough for us to keep the bandages off, so he had to have the leg wrapped again.   His rear leg, we were able to remove the bandages.  


Our little Superman dog had two major surgeries on two legs which is why he is having such a difficult time adapting.   We think he is just nervous someone is going to reinjure his leg and cause the kind of pain he was in for weeks.   Hopefully, he will soon realize we are here to keep him from having any further problems and will start using the leg.   He will get his first round of rehab this coming week on the leg that is free of the bandages.    Rufus gets daily massages to keep his muscles from atrophying while he is healing.   We have discovered that if we walk him very slowly, he puts his rear leg down and uses it more often.   This next week should tell us a lot after his Rehab begins.


Rufus sounds like a Holy Terror, but that is far from the truth.  Once he curls up in your lap, he is as sweet as can be and will stay there for most of the day.   He usually alternates between sitting in one of our laps or his bed.     All this little dogs wants is to be near his person.  Right now, we are his person, and we are doing everything possible to make sure he knows he is okay.


We have gotten very little in Donations for Rufus's two surgeries and his care in ICU.  Without donations, we can't help other dogs like Rufus get the Medical Care they need to survive.   Thanks for caring and making his Journey to Survive and Thrive possible.

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