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My dearest SAMMY has crossed over The Rainbow Bridge.   Sammy passed away several weeks ago.  It is only this morning that I can write his final post.   I could not bear seeing him on the site under Rainbow Bridge.  I put it off until there were no more tears to shed.  It looks like I was wrong.  There are always more tears for our precious loved ones.


Sammy was doing amazing after his last procedure.  He bounced back within a couple of days, friskier than ever.  Hope was blooming into a Miracle, or at least that was what I was telling myself.   Dr. Risetto would check on Sammy weekly, and my response was always the same, Sammy is a Rockstar.   He is going to beat this.  He is the exception to the rule.   He loves Life and is back to his normal self.


I had an herbal protocol Sammy got three times a day to help him with bleeding.  The formula had to be wrapped in prosciutto, or Sammy would not have any part of it.   Sammy got to eat a lot of prosciutto since he was good at eating prosciutto and leaving the pills behind.


One morning, I noticed the tumor on Sammy's side had gone from nickel size to a half dollar.   I texted Dr. Rissetto and asked to have it removed.   Sammy was doing great, and I did not want this tumor to get out of control.  Dr. Rissetto explained there was no reason to remove the tumor since cancer had already spread to his stomach and liver.  It was just a matter of time for Sammy.


I took to heart what she said and decided Sammy was the exception. That night Sammy was given a special treat of raw bones.  He worked on those bones for most of the night.   He acted like he was a puppy playing with the other dogs, rolling on his back.  There was so much Joy in Sammy.  I could not imagine he was sick.   When Sammy went to bed, I curled up next to him and held him in my arms.   Today was the best day ever.


The next morning when I went to let Sammy out, he could barely walk.  I looked at his gums, and they were pasty white.  Sammy's tumors were bleeding, and he needed another transfusion.   I called my Son in Law, Dr. Jason King, and told him it was time to say good-bye to my precious boy.  I was not going to put Sammy through another visit to the ER.   He had done all he could do, and now it was time for me to honor Sammy by letting him go.


All the pups surrounded Sammy and said their final good-byes.  My Husband and I were heart-broken but so glad we were able to give Sammy our final Gift of unconditional Love.   Sammy let us know when it was time, and we loved him enough to honor his wishes.  Our sweet boy left this World with a Heart bursting with Love.


As much as we loved Sammy, he loved us even more.  He was a Gift from the Heavens.  He would do fifteen-mile hikes with me without a leash and would never leave my side.  He would run through the fields looking for mice and was the only dog that caught some.  We are a catch and release bunch, so he knew not to harm any of the critters he found.  


Sammy kept me from stepping on copperheads and warned coyotes not to come near us on our walks.  Each afternoon, Sammy and my Husband would go down to the docks and have long conversations and then hit golf balls.   He was the ultimate companion for each of us.   Life will be different without our two blind dogs running the show.    Our hearts ache but are full of all the Love he left behind.   Sammy will forever be a part of us.


Tonight when you look up into the dark sky, look for the glowing areas.  That will be Sammy with his golden Angel Wings and beautiful eyes shining bright.   Sammy is finally Home.


Thanks for giving Sammy the Gift of Life.  I will forever be grateful for all you have done for Sammy and the other abused, tortured pups you have helped us save.  The last few weeks have been very difficult adjusting to Life without Sammy.  We have had several emergencies and have taken in several new pups.  Life at Noah's Arks Rescue is always bursting with Life no matter what happens in our personal lives.   We are always here to love those the rest of the World thought were unlovable.

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