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I was hoping Scooby would be out of the hospital by Thanksgiving, but sadly that did not happen.  His wounds were draining significantly, which meant the wounds could not be closed.  Snoopy did decide after the holidays he had enough and pulled one of the drains himself. That prompted the surgeons to re-evaluate and decided it was best to remove the remaining drains.


The next day did not show any significant swelling from the fluid, so the surgeons decided to take Scooby back to the OR and repair and close any open wounds.   Cultures were taken then, with lots of different bacteria growing. Scooby had three nasty bugs growing and was put on appropriate antibiotics. The biggest problem with dog bites is the nasty bacteria that grow in the open wounds.  You never want to close a bite wound until it has adequately drained.


As you can see from the pictures, the blood-thinner Scooby was put on, and the elevated massages he received enabled the fluid in his face to drain to the rest of his body. He is still on a blood thinner, but that will only be temporary once his bloodwork stabilizes. Sweet Scooby's bloodwork has been awful in every way possible. He is always as close as possible to having a blood transfusion.  His medical team stops short of doing it since it could be potentially life-threatening with all he has going on.  The good news is his values regenerate just enough for him to go without one.


Sweet does not begin to describe this adorable Angel of a puppy.  Scooby's tail never stops wagging; he only wants to give kisses. His right eye still shows minor weakness, but nothing affects his vision.  He can see a treat and a warm smile from a mile away and immediately starts wagging his tail.


Scooby does not have the energy of a puppy right now because his blood values are so low. He tires easily and wants to sleep a lot which is typical for everything he has been through.  Sleeping is the best thing for him right now to heal and rid his body of infections.  He is finally out of the hospital and with us at Noah's Arks Rescue.  I was glad he got to leave the hospital because he was stable enough to come to us. 


Now the hard part begins, paying his enormous bills. One day in ICU is expensive, and two days is a lot, but nine days is so over the top expensive that you want to bury your head in the sand.  I am now in the begging and groveling stage of raising funds to pay his bills and all the other dog's bills in our care.  Please, DONATE whatever you can, even if it is small.  If you can give more, please do.


No one would have done what we did for Scooby.  The minute his head started to swell and the clots were found in his jugular veins, he would have been put down.  I am a staunch believer that if the medical profession can save a dog and give him a great Life, do whatever you can to save them.  Do not put a price tag on an animal's life.  I am not too proud to beg for a Dog's Life.  I will do whatever it takes to save a Life.


Look out for your neighbor and their family pets during the holiday season.  Holidays are difficult for a lot of people.  Don't judge but be supportive in any way you can.  If you need a Hug, Give a Hug.  Humans could learn much from the unconditional love animals shower on us daily.  Spread love and understanding this Holiday Season.   


Warm hugs from everyone at Noah's Arks Rescue.

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