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HAZARD, KY.....Snickers is an adorable ten weeks old Shepherd Mix puppy we were contacted about that was having seizures.  The Rescue that had her took in three litter mates that were each in dire need of Medical Care.   The were each very emaciated, but the worst was Snickers.  He was having one seizure after another and then was very lethargic.   They were taken to a Vet where blood work was done and treated for several days.  The Vet also thought Snickers had a liver shunt.     Puppies can have seizures for lots of reasons, but we did not feel this pup should be put down which is why we offered to take him into our Medical Program.   


When Snickers arrived, he was sweet and playful.  He was taken immediately to Dr. Bergman our Neurologist in Charlotte, NC and monitored for any seizure activity.  For the next two days, there were no seizures.  A lot of tests were done to determine if Snickers had a liver shunt and those all came back Normal.   We were beginning to think all the seizures were from being emaciated and his electrolytes being way off.   On the fourth day, our sweet pup crashed and was very lethargic and had constant runny diarrhea and could not keep food down.  We did a Parvo Test, and you guessed it, Snickers had Parvo.   Add Parvo to an already emaciated puppy and you have a Death Certificate starring you right in the face.   To say we were distraught is an understatement.


Snickers was immediately taken to ICU, and Internal Medical was now in charge of saving him.  For the past four days, he has been fighting to survive.  Each day we think he is at his worst and will round the corner, but that has not happened.  It appears the worst has not come yet, and we are out of time and money.    Last night we authorized a blood transfusion which has given us a small window of Hope for this adorable puppy, but he still has several more horrible days ahead.   We had a Nasogastric Tube put in so he could be fed, or he would have already died.   Our only hope comes from the look in his eyes that is begging us not to STOP treatment.    We have saved a lot of Parvo Pups, and we know how tough it is on them.   A lot give up and die, and others fight to get through it, and that is what sweet Snickers is doing.

We need for everyone to please Donate toward his Medical Bills.  He has been in ICU for four days with non-stop Critical Care.   He is fighting with all he has and we can't stop treatment now.  


Please, help us save him by Donating.  If you can't Donate, please forward to your friends, so they have a chance at helping him.   We already have our hands full with major Medical Abuse Cases, and this sweet pup can finish us with his massive Medical Bills.   PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE.....DONATE and say a Prayer that Snickers has enough strength to overcome this.  

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