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Sweet Snickers is still with us fighting.  His prognosis is very guarded based on how long he has been sick.  We keep thinking he is going to round the bend, but that has not happened.   He has been in the hospital for 12 days now and the last week he has ben in ICU in quarantine.    It is a very delicate balancing act to give his body what he needs and to not cause his levels to get out of balance because of it.  We had to give him another transfusion yesterday to compensate for his low albumin levels.   We have also had to keep him on fluids to regulate his glucose.  The excess fluids are accumulating in his body, and we had to remove 400 ml yesterday because of his labored breathing.   We have slowed down the fluids to give his body time to absorb them.   As I said earlier, it is a delicate balancing act but one we have to keep up.  If his values get too far out of balance with all the diarrhea and vomiting he has had, we will lose him.


The good news is that he is still very strong given all he has been through.  He is a tough little pup that is not giving up.   He is here because he wants to be here.   No matter what we do medically if he gives up, he will die.  


As long as Snickers is fighting, we will continue with his Care in ICU.  The bills are through the roof and right now there is nothing we can do about it.   His ONLY chance is staying in ICU with 24-hour care and doing transfusions as he needs them.  The fact he is still here says a lot about the inner strength of this little pup.    We need all the Donations and Prayers we can get for this little Angel.   We are not going to give up.   We may still lose him, but it will not be because we stopped his Medical Care.   Thanks for helping us with his Medical Bills.  We greatly appreciate you not giving up on him or us.

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