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BEAUFORT, SC.....Rarely am I shocked, but I am heartbroken a thousand times when I rescue a dog that has been tortured so badly.  Dear Stevie was picked up on the side of the road in a ditch with severe burns all over his back.  


Once he was brought to CVRC in Charleston, SC, it was determined that an acidic substance, such as acid, had been poured on him, and the splashes that got on his face also got in his eyes.  This precious eighteen-month-old lab puppy is now blind because someone never thought they were destroying an innocent Life.  Puppies are the most fragile and innocent creatures.  All they want is love and the warmth of their Mother or someone who cares.


Stevie is scared and beyond starved.  His wounds are several weeks old.  His body is in different stages of healing.  We have an appointment with our favorite Ophthalmologist, Dr. Anne Cook, to see if anything can be done to save Stevie's sight.  The Criticalist at CVRC does not believe anything can be done to restore Stevie's eyesight.


Stevie's wounds require daily debriding and treatment to stay on top of infections.  His blood values initially indicated he would need a blood transfusion but soon began to rebound once he was put on fluids and small amounts of food.  Stevie is still in danger of refeeding syndrome.  He has to have many small meals to allow his body to adapt to being fed.   So far, his values are not taking off in the wrong direction.


We are becoming experts in emaciated dogs dealing with refeeding syndrome.  I am amazed daily by the strength and willpower these precious pups have to overcome their abuse and neglect.   Every dog we have rescued over the last couple of months should not have survived their abuse.  Their bodies were past the point of living and into the final dying stage of Life.


Stevie was curled up in a ball of sheer catatonic fear when we first rescued him.  I have had so many personal blind dogs that I have learned much from their Journey with my Family.  Sammy was the perfect example of what is possible if you are blind.  According to Sammy, everything was possible.   He would hike daily with me for 5 to 10 miles and was never on a leash.  He became the ultimate companion for my Husband and I.  Every breeze, sound, and word meant something to him.


I hope Stevie will soon embrace the nurturing from our Noah's Arks Rescue Team.  Anything is possible for a blind dog once they embrace the impossible.  Challenges become a game of enlightenment.  Feeling and touch become your eyes to see the World in a whole new dimension.


In the meantime, we must heal Stevie's wounds and broken heart.  Time is the great healer of broken hearts when the animal is surrounded by unconditional Love and Compassion.  Stevie gets the best possible medical care to ensure his wounds heal, and the best specialist sees his eyes.   Dr. Anne Cook has worked lots of Miracles for us.  Stevie might be one of her Miracles. One of his eyes is beyond repair, but there might be hope for the other.   


Stevie needs lots of prayers that he recovers from his abuse and neglect.  In the meantime, while he heals, we have to raise funds to cover his medical bills and his continued rehab.  Please, Donate whatever you can to give this precious Soul his Life back.  Thanks for caring about Stevie and all the other pups in our care.  


Your Love and Support are needed now more than ever. We are asked daily to help abused dogs and can only help a small number. Medical expenses and the time it takes to care for them are far greater than anyone realizes. Medical Costs have almost tripled since I started saving animals nearly 20 years ago. I understand why so many animals are handed over to shelters when the animal is sick.  What I do not understand is leaving an animal to die and suffer on the side of the road.


Please help Stevie and all the animals in need that no one is willing to help.

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