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Sweet Stevie has got to be one of the most challenging dogs to get a good picture of.  When he hears a click or anything resembling a camera, he cowers down and turns his head.   Stevie is a fabulous pup who does everything he can to get along. He loves the attention and is now learning to prance around on his walks.


His wounds are healing beautifully with lots of wound care.  We have one small area that is still pretty raw but has reduced in size by almost 75%.  The small area left will take about two more weeks before the inside has healed enough not to look so raw.   The wounds that have healed are now smooth and free of dead skin.  They are being kept well lubricated so the skin does not dry out.   We also have to make sure he is not in the sun since he does not have any fur over the wounds that protect the skin.


Stevie is feeling a 1000% better.  He is feeling so good that we plan to get him neutered as soon as we can get an appointment.  We have seen no aggression from him, and he loves other dogs as long as they are not in his face.  Any dogs that want to play rough or are dominant are not a good fit.  We are still allowing him to decide what he is comfortable with as far as other animals go.


Stevie's blindness is something he has known for months.  The acid burns happened after his blindness.  The nature of his abuse is unforgiving and permanent.  He will never regain sight or fur in the areas that were burned.  Regarding animals that have lost their sight from torture, as far as he is concerned, everyone went blind that day.  He does not know any difference. Once you lose your ability to see, your other senses become your eyes.


Stevie has shown us how well he can adapt to a loving environment. Love and Compassion create a caring environment in which an animal can thrive.  They are not just surviving but learning to put the past behind them.   Stevie is a perfect example of that trust.   He knows he can trust us not to put him in harm's way.  He has a long way to go but has made amazing progress, given how badly he was tortured.


Stevie can only be placed in a home where we are 100% sure he will be loved, nurtured, and protected from harm. If you are the right Family, then apply.   Be prepared for us to ask a ton of questions.


Thanks for giving Stevie the Gift of Life.

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