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Latest Updates

My Hope is always to come back with good news on these updates.  I wait until there is improvement or I have new information to confirm or deny a diagnosis.  Sweet Stevie had his appointment with Dr. Anne Cook to see if she could restore sight in one or both of his eyes.  I knew it was a long shot, but I wanted to ensure we looked at every avenue.


Sadly, the diagnosis was worse than expected, and we have been very disturbed by what was discovered. Dr. Cook found a puncture wound on each eye that was the cause of his blindness. He will never regain his sight and has been blind for approximately six months.  Stevie's torture when acid was poured on him about a month ago was just one more abuse this poor pup has had to endure in his short Life.


The good news is Stevie is adapting to a loving environment at Noah's Arks Rescue.   He is around only the Staff so that he can adjust to them now.   He will go on long walks with the soothing sound of music to block out any traffic noise.   His wounds are healing, and the worst ones the surgeons thought they would have to do more surgery are finally healing.


Stevie will never get fur back where the acid burned his skin.  The scar you see on his body will remain slick and white.  The scars you cannot see are the ones that will take a Lifetime of unconditional Love to Heal. Those scars have done the most damage—a Lifetime filled with unimaginable TORTURE.


I have nightmares surrounding Stevie's horror and suffering at the hands of so-called Human Beings.   The person or persons that did this to Stevie are not Human-Beings.  They are Sadists walking around destroying lives. To hear that someone intentionally punctured Stevie's eyes brought unyielding tears to my eyes that would not stop.


We take on the worst of the worst at Noah's Arks Rescue: the ones no one wants to save.   Where others see garbage, we see Diamonds.   Where others are horrified and want the animal to be put down, we reach in and hold the animal so they know LOVE.  My favorite quote by Albert Sweitzer is, “Think occasionally of the suffering of which you spare yourself the sight.”   


The World needs to open its eyes to the horrors inflicted on man's Best Friend.   Stevie is one of the sweetest dogs that would not hurt a fly, yet he was tortured almost beyond recognition.  He never gave up during his torture and remained alive and hopeful.  He could have given up and died long ago but did not.  A small glimmer of Hope remained in his Soul.  His beautiful Blue / White eyes reflect that Hope.   


Stevie's Journey of Hope and Love has finally begun for the beautiful dog.  He will remain with us until his wounds have healed, and we feel he is ready to be homed with a Special Family.  We still have many medical bills for Stevie and could use more donations.  Please Donate whatever you can to give this special boy the Life he always should have had.


Thanks for giving Stevie the Gift of Life surrounded by unconditional Love and Care.  Your support is greatly appreciated.

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