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Sweet Willow has finally made enough progress for us to get her out of ICU and into our care at our Rehab Facility.  This poor pup was in the hospital for so long; we were beginning to think she would not leave alive.  The good news is she did, and we are nurturing her back to being a healthy pup.  We have a long way to go but think of how far we have come with this special Angel.


Willow has continued to pass small foreign matter when she goes to the bathroom.  She has not shown any further complications from her obstruction since her procedures, and we do not think she will. Her last transfusion has held, and her blood has been able to regenerate on its own.  


The best news of all for us, is we have been able to remove the basket muzzle that Willow had to use to keep her from ingesting any new foreign matter.  She was so starved that anything was fair game for her to put in her mouth and swallow.   Willow is getting three times the healthy amount of calories for a dog her size and is slowly putting her weight on.  The extra calories have helped her feel satiated enough, where she does not seek out food or objects to eat.  We have also been able to give her a particular bone she can chew and feel very content without wanting to destroy it.


Willow's Journey of Survival has been a difficult one since so many thought she should have been put down because she was so starved.  I know I say this a lot, but sometimes it bears repeating.  Animals can die at any time and give up when life gets too complicated.  We do not keep animals on machines that have given up.   We give them supplemental care that gives them the ability to survive.  The animal still has to fight to be here, or nothing that we do will help.  Willow has fought through unimaginable hardship and has again chosen to be here.  


We are hopeful the worst is over for this exceptional pup, but only time will tell.   Each day she gets a little brighter and has a little more energy.  She can play for more extended periods until she is completely exhausted and rests in the arms of people that love and adore her.  Willow has another month of Medical Care before we can officially say she is out of the woods.    Her Medical Team is excited and elated for the progress she has made.


What I do know is Willow is loving Life and the people she has met.  She is sweet but cautious with the dogs she has been exposed to.   She has not shown one ounce of aggression and wants nothing but to soak up all the love she can get.  She has tolerated her feedings, and her bloodwork indicates she is not showing any signs of re-feeding syndrome, which is always a fear with a dog this emaciated.


We have five new dogs in the ER at CVRC, and we still owe for Willow's Medical plus all the dogs we have at the Rehab Facility.  Please, Donate whatever you can so we can keep saving dogs like Willow and Dudley that were so close to Death that bringing them back was a Miracle.

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