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DEMOPOLIS, ALABAMA......We were contacted a couple of days ago about a small dog that someone saw being hit in the face several times and then was thrown out of a truck.  The person said she was hit so hard that it knocked her upper right teeth out completely, and her jaw was broken in three places.   I knew the area and also knew if I did not step up for sweet Winnie, she would not get out alive.  To be hit so hard that your teeth are knocked out is terrible.  I felt horrible for this little one to two-year-old Shepherd Mix.   She had been taken to a vet in the area, but there was nothing they could do.   A Pilot was contacted, and two of our wonderful Volunteers met the Pilot late at night and took Winnie to our Vet the next morning.  


When Winnie arrived, she was in terrible pain and the lower back part of her jaw was swollen and infected.   She had developed a horrible pouch that was full of infected fluid.   An X-ray was done (which should have already been done at the other Vet) and everyone was horrified at what they saw.  Winnie had been SHOT with a .45 caliber gun, and the bullet was floating around in the sac of fluid in the back of her jaw.  Someone had shot this sweet dog at close range right below her right nostril.   The bullet broke her jaw and then took that section of her teeth and pushed them all the way to the back right side of her head.  Based on the infection she had, Winnie had been shot 5-7 days prior to being found.   The bullet had damaged her esophagus and mouth, and we now realized she was becoming septic because food was filling up the open areas.   We immediately had her rushed to the ER in Charleston, SC to undergo surgery to save her Life.


The pain this 30 lb. dog has endured is beyond comprehension.   The pain from being shot and having your jaw broken would be horrible all by itself.  Add having your teeth and all the nerves destroyed on top of that.  You then add the pain caused from the massive infection on top of everything else, and you have pain so intolerable that few animals could survive.   Winnie is scared to death and only wants to do one thing, and that is to give kisses to anyone that comes near her.  She allows everyone to work on her with barely a whimper.  


Winnie has had her first surgery to remove the bullet and to clean out the area that was infected.   A feeding tube had to be inserted to bypass the open wounds so food will not infect the area further.   Winnie is having her second surgery later today to repair the jaw that is broken in three places.   Her blood values are all over the place from blood loss and the horrible infection she has.   She is on massive amounts of antibiotics to rid her body of the infection.   Sweet Winnie is alive because of her WILL to live.  Looking at all that happened to her and the time without medical care, she should be DEAD.   This little girl NEVER gave up or gave in to the pain and suffering she had to endure to survive this.   She is a Walking MIRACLE.


After the bullet was removed, I spoke to the Officer in charge that day and explained to him what we had discovered and the information we had been given.   He was not concerned he had someone walking his streets capable of doing this.  He said he would look into it but didn't expect to find the person.  Has our Country gotten to the point where this is so common that it is now acceptable?    Someone knows this dog and also knows the person that did this.   He has to be stopped.  I will personally give a $5000. Reward to anyone that comes forward with information that can lead to an Arrest and Conviction of the person that did this.   I have had enough of this horrible abuse that is being taken out on our Animals.   This Country is going to Hell in a hand-basket if this is acceptable behavior.


Sweet Winnie needs everyone's Prayers that she pulls through all that she has endured.  She still has a terrible infection, and we are waiting for her cultures to come back to see exactly what we are dealing with.   We are keeping her as comfortable as possible while she is healing from her wounds.    Winnie has a long road ahead but after what she has endured, I am now a believer that Winnie can endure just about anything.


Please, DONATE whatever you can to help us with Winnie's massive bills.  If you can't donate, PLEASE forward to all of your Animal Loving Friends, so they have a chance at helping us with her care.   Winnie has more surgeries to come and a long road of medical Care before she survives this horrible ABUSE.   Please, Help Us, Help Her by DONATING.

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