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I am happy to report that Winnie is now able to eat without her feeding tube.  The tube was removed a couple of days ago once we were sure the open wounds we had sutured shut were holding.   We could not take any chance of food contaminating her body any further.    Our little girl is glad to finally get to eat soft food.   Her jaw is still floating a small amount since her last surgery.  Next Tuesday, we have an Oral Surgeon that will address the issue and hopefully will be able to put cement in the area where the bone is totally gone.   We should then be able to anchor the plates more securely.  Each surgery is done in a sequence, so we give Winnie stability in her mouth.  She still has several more procedures before we will be finished with the process.  We all want the process to be over and done with but unfortunately, that is not how it works when you are replacing bone.  The best news is that none of this seems to be causing our sweet girl any problems.   She still loves all the attention and belly rubs that she gets constantly.


The culture came back from the original infection Winnie had from the bullet.  Unfortunately, it grew MRSA which is a Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus infection.  There are only a few antibiotics that work on this type of infection, and we have started Winnie on the proper one.   We knew she had a nasty infection but hoped it was a basic one that would be easy to treat.   Now that we have her on the best antibiotic for her MRSA infection, it should begin to go away.   The MRSA infection was found in the area where the bullet entered her body.  


Sweet Winnie will be in the hospital a lot longer while she is getting rid of her infection.  Please, DONATE whatever you can to help us with her tremendous bills.   The longer she is in the hospital, the higher her bills are going to be.   We do our best to keep them paid down but when an animal is in ICU as long as Winnie, it is almost impossible.    We greatly appreciate all the help and support we get with all of our animals.   None of this would be possible without your generosity.

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