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Dean Winnie has had three surgeries and will require approximately three more before her jaw will be able to function normally again.    To say her jaw was destroyed by the bullet is an understatement.   It isn't just her jaw but her teeth, the right hinge in the back that holds the top and bottom jaw together, the lining of the mouth and the esophagus and throat.   I am still amazed she endured all the pain this gun shot created in her poor mouth.   Her Spirits are still great, and all she wants is love and a pat on the back.  


The first surgeries were to remove all the infection and get as much bone fragments out of her body and insert her feeding tube.  The second surgery was to repair the jaw with tiny plates and go further into the back of the neck where more bone fragments were found.   The third surgery was to wire her top jaw to the back where the jaw hinge is and to close any holes that have finally stopped draining.   The feeding tube will have to remain in place until we are sure all of the holes that were repaired are healing before we introduce food to her via her mouth.   Some of the repairs are temporary and will be replaced when the swelling has gone down, and new tissue has granulated.   We have also contacted an Oral Surgeon that will come in this week to repair the area where her teeth once were.  The area will be filled with special cement, so the small plates have a more permanent area to attach to.  Winnie needs every one of these surgeries so she can get back her ability to eat normally again.   If we do not get this fixed, she will be on a feeding tube the rest of her Life.   It is now or never for this little pup.


When I think of all the scenarios that could have played out with this adorable little dog, my heart sinks thinking of the one this person chose to take.   If an animal is a stray and is bothering you, call Animal Control and keep them safe until they arrive.  Don't take out a gun and shoot the animal.   Let Animal Control deal with the situation.  The dog could belong to your neighbor down the street.   There is no excuse for Winnie or any animal to have to endure this kind of pain and suffering.   Shooting a nuisance animal is no different than taking out a gun and shooting the kid down the street because you are tired of him riding his bike through your yard.  I like to think that most people are good and kind.   Seeing what someone did to this sweet dog will shake up an entire community.   The person that did this is pure EVIL.


We desperately need DONATIONS for sweet Winnie.  We have not even raised enough funds to pay for one surgery, much less three with more surgeries to come.  Winnie has four Specialists overseeing her care, and she is in Critical Care.  All of that adds up to tremendous medical bills.   PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE Help us with her Medical Bills.   We are desperate for this little girl.

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